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OPEN Presidents Day (02/19/24) from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Armstrong Air & Space Museum

Time Capsule

50th Anniversary Time Capsule

The Armstrong Air & Space Museum will be seeking donated items for the 50th Anniversary time capsule. The time capsule will be opened during the museum's 100th anniversary on July 20, 2072. The museum is looking for the time capsule to represent this current moment in history, specifically items that might fascinate future generations and allow them to see what life was like in 2022. 

Items will be accepted from November 25 to January 2nd. The first donated items can be dropped off during the museum's Grand Illumination event. Please note that the Armstrong Air & Space Museum reserves the right to decline any item that the museum views as harmful, offensive, damaging, not within proper specifications, or does not align with the mission and vision set forth by the Armstrong Air & Space Museum Association or the Ohio History Connection. Not all items donated will make the time capsule. Please consult the Museum Curator or Historian to discuss whether a potentially donated item would be a good fit for the time capsule. Please call (419)-738-8811.



- Personally written letters

- Notes on predictions for 2072

- Current Calendar

- Current fads or trends of the time

- Items representative of the local area

- Items representative of current space events

- Stamps, coins, or medallions



- Explosive or chemically reactive materials

- Food or liquid materials

- Electronics and batteries

- PVC plastics (#3 plastics)

- Organic materials from plants or animals

- Rubber-based materials

- Wool, silk, or nylon fabrics

- Staples or paperclips