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Distance Learning

What are your program offerings?

 Items listed with "DL" will be the programs that are offered for distance learning. 

Education Brochure

How do I book a program?

You must book your program within five weeks of the desired date. Booking is on a first come, first serve basis. To book, please contact (419)-738-8869 or email 

What is my payment?

You must place a deposit for your program that is nonrefundable. The deposit is $75.00. After this, you will be invoiced and full payment must be received before the program completion date. 

Distance learning programs range from $200.00 on up depending on selection(s) and number of programs. 

What are my payment options?

Payments via check or purchase orders can be mailed to the Armstrong Air & Space Museum

500 Apollo Drive, Wapakoneta, OH 45895

Invoice is sent online and can be paid through QuickBooks link as well. Two invoices will be sent one for the nonrefundable deposit or applies to the program fee and the other will be for the program fee. 

What if I must cancel or move the desired date of my program?

Program rescheduling may be available up to one week prior to the program date by contacting the Armstrong Air & Space Museum. Programs cancelled due to weather, unexpected site closure, or any other unforeseen reason may be rescheduled to a new date within three months of the original desired program date or refunded minus the deposit. 

Can I record your distance learning programs?

No. The distance learning programs the Armstrong Air & Space Museum creates and provides to connecting sites are the creative property of the Armstrong Air & Space Museum. Therefore, they cannot be recorded in any way or distributed, nor can any content from program cases or information packets be duplicated or distributed without the written consent of the Armstrong Air & Space Museum. Any known violation of this policy will be considered theft of creative property and will be accordingly prosecuted.

How do I connect?

Two weeks prior to your program(s) completion dates, you will have a virtual meeting with the museum educator. This brief 20 minute or less meeting will connect to ensure the link works and go over your questions you have about your program(s). 

We connect via Zoom. You will receive your meeting invite link and can use the day of. This link is only to be used by you as the participating site in the program. You may not give this password link away so people can attend from other locations. If you desire to do something similar to the preceding, contact the museum at (419)-738-8869 or email to discuss your unique situation and we may be able to complete.

What if your link does not work the day of the program or a signal is lost?

Unfortunately, these incidences can occur when dealing with technology. If this is the case, the Armstrong Air & Space Museum will work with you to get the program back up and running that day. Should it be determined that your issue cannot be resolved, the museum would reschedule your event or provide you a refund, excluding the $75.00 deposit. 

How many persons can attend the event?

You can invite as many people as you wish, pending how many people your event can reasonably hold. 

If you are completing an education distance learning program, the kits are designed to hold materials for 30 persons to complete the various activities. If you require more materials for additional invited participants, this will incur additional shipping and programs costs. 

Can I join a session late?

The museum will admit you to the Zoom meeting within five minutes of the program start time. Thereafter, no admittance will occur and all fees are forfeited. The museum will make an attempt to contact the group to see if there is a problem but reserves the right to cancel the program because of late admittance. 

May I talk with a museum educator about my program questions?

Yes. We are here to help and play a role in the success of your distance learning program. Please contact (419)-738-8869 or email with further questions.